Jennifer Gidley is a popular and respected international speaker. As a result of her wide-ranging experience she has been invited to open events and deliver Keynote presentations at academic conferences and business conventions. Currently based in Melbourne, she travels widely for speaking invitations, and over the last ten years has presented in Europe (Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Romania, Spain, Sweden), North and South America, Africa (Egypt) and Asia (Malaysia, Shanghai, Taiwan).

Below are some of the events at which she has made major contributions:

Bucharest, Romania
Conference: 21st World Futures Studies Federation World Conference June 26-28.
Role: Co-Convenor and Plenary Speaker
Title of Paper: “Where to Tomorrow for Futures Studies”
Host: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Romania

Paris, France
Conference: 20th Anniversary of the Club of Budapest June 9.
Role: Keynote Speaker
Title of Paper: “Evolution of Consciousness and Paradigm Change”
Host: Universite Integrale, Paris

Freiburg, Germany
Conference: 3rd European Society for Research in Adult Development Symposium May 31-June 2.
Role: Speaker
Title of Paper: “Postformal Psychology: The New ‘Normal’ for the Futures of Thinking”
Host: Freiburg University, Freiburg

Turku, Finland
Conference: TO BE YOUNG! Youth and the Future, June 6-8.
Role: Keynote Speaker
Title of Paper: "How do the Megatrends of the Mind impact Today's Young People?"
Host: Finland Futures Research Centre

Bucharest, Romania
Conference: Bucharest Dialogues: Mutual Learning Workshops, June 27- July 1.
Role: Keynote Speaker
Title of Paper: "Futures Studies in Crazy Times: Visionary Futures of "Futures Thinking"
Host: Executive Agency of Higher Education, Romania
The Dialogues support the Romanian Government's program on building Quality and Leadership for Romanian Higher Education.
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Conference: Research Across Boundaries: Advances in Theory-Building, June 16-19
Role: Invited Speaker
Title of Paper: "Global Knowledge Futures:
Interpreting the emergence of imaginaries that cohere"
Host: Université Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Shanghai, China
Workshop: City Futures, June
Role: Co-convener & Speaker
Title: "Shifting Metaphors for Re-Imagining Post-Industrial City Futures"
Host: Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
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Penang, Malaysia
Conference: Global Higher Education Forum, December 13-16.
Role: Invited Speaker
Title of Paper: "Planetary Futures for Higher Education"
Host: Universiti Sains Malaysia

Bollwiller, France
Seminar: World Futures Studies Federation Seminar, June 5.
Role: Invited Speaker,
Title of Paper: "Futures Thinking and the Complex Emergence of New Knowledge Patterns"
Host: World Futures Studies Federation

Cairo, Egypt
Conference: The Third Advanced International Colloquium on Building the Scientific Mind, May 10 – 14.
Role: Invited Speaker
Title of Paper: "The Evolving Scientific Mind through a Transdisciplinary Lens"
Host: Learning Development Institute & IDSC of the Egyptian Cabinet & UNESCO

Hilo, Hawai'i
Conference: Global Passageways Inaugural Retreat, October 27 – 31.
Role: Invited Speaker/Facilitator
Host: Generation Waking Up

Tröllhattan, Sweden
Conference: World Futures Studies Federation 20th World Conference, June 30 - July 4.
Role: Invited Speaker
Title of Paper: "Encouraging Emergent Consciousness through New Thinking Patterns"
Host: World Futures Studies Federation

Melbourne, Australia
Conference: Pathways to the Preferred Futures of Young Australians, August 29.
Role: Invited Research Panel Participation,
Hosts: University of Melbourne Youth Research Centre & Australia 21 Ltd
Publication: Generations in Dialogue about the Future

Taipei, Taiwan
Conference: Global Soul, Global Mind, Global Action: Futuring From Survival To Thrival, November 5-7.
Role: Invited Keynote
Title of Paper: "The Evolution of Consciousness - Honouring the Inner Dimensions of Future Education"
Host: Tamkang University

Amherst, Massachusetts
Conference: Seminar on New Epistemologies and Contemplative Practice, October
Role: Invited Keynote
Title of Paper: "Integral Education—An Integrative Perspective: Divining for the 'Leading Edge' in Education" (with Gary Hampson)
Host: Community for Integrative Learning and Action (CILA) Amherst College

Boulder, Colorado
Conference: 1st Annual International Convocation on Integral Education, August 6-13.
Role: Invited Keynote
Title of Paper: "Integral Futures for Integral Education" (with Gary Hampson)
Host: Integral Education Group